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Service Maintenance Package

Service Maintenance Packages

Automatic Espresso/Cappuccino Machines (Reg. Service)

  • Visual Inspection
  • Thorough Descaling/Decalcify process
  • Temperature optimization
  • Water-count- descal reset (If applicable)
  • Thorough cleaning of Brew-unit group
  • Lubrication of Brew unit and all moving parts
  • Grinder adjustment
  • Coffee Dosage adjustment (if applicable)
  • Thorough cleaning of coffee spout
  • General cleaning of steam wand
  • Check and clean grinder blades (if applicable)
  • Thorough testing of all functions and machine features


Comprehensive System Maintenance Package for Automatic Espresso Machines and One Touch Cappuccino

* Note: Espresso machine Service Maintenance package and its price does not reflect the cost of any applicable repairs. All parts and labor charges apply and are not in conjunction to this promotion or other instore promotions.



Automatic / One Touch Cappuccino Machines (Home Use)


Estimate for repairs $50.00 Upon Drop Off of product.


Upon customer receiving quote for repair, once approved by the customer, the estimate fee can be applied towards the overall cost of repair.


Without Estimate: repairs on Superautomatic Espresso machines will be expedited up to Approx. $250(+TAX) without contact for quote. This includes parts/labor and maintenance.


Labor Rates on Domestic product is $100.00 per hour charged in increments of half an hour.


One Touch Cappuccino machines will be expedited up to Approx. $350(+TAX) without contact for quote. This includes parts/labor and maintenance.


*Please note; This does not mean that the costs of repairs will reach the above amounts indicated. In many cases, repairs may cost much less. This allows our Technicians to make necessary repairs and long term testing in a more timely fashion, in order to speed up expedition of repairs.


Should the cost of repair exceed the amounts above (Approx.) , customers will be contacted with a quote/ estimate of repair.


Commercial Espresso Machines: $Estimate Fee $80.00- $120 (price varies depending on age and condition)

Estimates for commercial machines are done in service center not on customer location.


*Please note: Some models may no longer be repaired based on age, condition and availability of replacement parts. Northwest Kitchenware has the right to refuse repairs.


* Our service center does not accept machines disasembled by the customer or third party.


PLEASE NOTE: Phone in questions/ email inquiries are not accepted or justified as actual quotes/estimates for repair. We can not provide an accurate quote based solely on the customers description of problem. We are happy to answer questions however, sight-unseen we the service center can not be held accountable for quoting repair cost on any item before proper inspection, testing and troubleshooting in our facility.