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Espresso Machine Parts and Service

Authorized Service Warranty and Repair Centre




Authorized Service Warranty and Repair Centre for Home and Commercial Espresso Cappuccino Machines


We understand that when your espresso machine stops working it can be frustrating. Before bringing in your machine give us a call or email. Let us know what the issue is you are experiencing with your espresso machine. In some cases your machine may just need an adjustment, reprogramming or a simple cleaning that can be done by you in the comfort of your own home and save you the trip to our Authorized Service and Repair department.  


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Parts Service
Parts Service


We offer a wide variety of replacement parts and cleaning supply to keep your machine in optimal condition.

  Our website provides an extensive amount of O.E.M. replacement parts for various brands of espresso machines.  Cosmetic parts, accessories, Milk frothing attachments as well as mechanical and electronic components. If it is not on our website, send us an email or give us a call.


Shop Online for Replacement Parts for brands such as:




All repairs conducted on-site by experienced factory trained technicians 

  With over 45 years of Experience, Our In store Authorized Service Department can provide all your Warranty, Repair, Service and Technical Support needs for major brand name Espresso Machines Such As:



Technical support for products purchased at NorthwestKitchenware please contact:

EMAIL: service@northwestkitchenware.com 


  • Experienced Factory Trained Technicians
  • Speedy Reliable Service
  • Courteous Knowledgeable Staff
  • Technical Support
  • All repairs conducted using Genuine Manufacturer replacement parts
  • Repairing 220-230V European Espresso models (Commercial Machines only)
  • Accessories and Cosmetic Parts available (I.E. Watertanks, trays, frothers..)
  • Descalers, Filters & Cleaning Products available in-store or online:


Serving Ontario, Greater Toronto Area and Surrounding

  • Coffee Cappuccino Espresso machines repairs and service:
  • Home Espresso Machines
  • Commercial Espresso Machines


Service Centre Address:

140 Woodbridge Avenue, Market Lane.

Vaughan, Ontario. L4L 4K9





We do not accept machines disasembled by customers. Machines must be completly assembled in a conditon to conduct tests and proliminary checks. All working parts that make contact i.e. watertanks, dregdrawers must be included with machine upon drop off.


Northwest kitchenware conducts all repairs using genuine replacement parts. Northwest Kitchenware will NOT install parts provided by customer unless specified otherwise.


Labor rates are $100.00 per hour charge for repairs + cost of parts and taxes. (Does not include cost of maintenance packages)


Northwest Kitchenware will not accept unauthorized shipped espresso machines and/or other products without written authorization by Northwest Kitchenware. Northwest Kitchenware does not provide return shipping services for machines repaired in our service center. All customers are responsible for pick up and/or drop off of items repaired (Walked in to service center).


Shipping costs on items under warranty are also not covered and should be arranged directly with their respective manufacturers.

Northwest kitchenware will only accept product shipped directly from the manufacturer (i.e. Warranty repair)

Northwest kitchenware and www.northwestkitchenware.com accepts No responsiblity on lost or damaged items being shipped to Service department.


Do not transport espresso machines during freezing cold tempuratures: Can cause severe damage.