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   Looking for a second or third espresso machine to add to the home?  Need a daily cappuccino fix on a budget?

Office lacking productivity and could use a perk?

Check out our selection of refurbished and gently used espresso machines. Our service center carefully selects these models and restore them to A1 ensuring the upmost quality for a gently used or older unit. 


Our refurbs and used machine selection sold instore only.  These models are not sold online as we would like you to properly inspect and even try your espresso machine before you make your purchase. Some of these units may have cosmetic blemishes  due to aging and use. Internally all models are thoroughlly tested and any necessary major components are replaced.

Refurbished and or used espresso machine models sold instore only for customer quality assurance.  

Some models are as little as 1-2 year old trade-in for upgrades and some are older (7-10 years) carefully curated based on product performance, style and overall condition.  Some models include a comprehensive limited warranty and some are sold as is (Specified with each listing).