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La Pavoni Esperto Abile Professional Lever Machine

 The iconic La Pavoni lever machines known world-wide are sought out for their timeless esthetics and decades of consistancy both in performance and in manufacturing, so when a new model is introduced it comes with precedence that only a 116 year old company like La Pavoni can set. 

Abile is a true Competition machine for Espresso specialists and La Pavoni enthusiasts.

The cutting edge model of domestic lever machines.
Valuable materials and the ability to constantly monitor brewing pressure carried out by pulling down the lever  to allow even the most demanding users to brew a customized espresso through repeatable extraction curves.

The new Esperto Abile is provided with professional devices such as:

– Brewing pressure profiling
– Group Temperature indicator
– Two types of removable/interchangable Steam Wands
– Competizione filters from 9, 16, 20 gram
– Shower “Competizione” with photo engraved membrane
– professional Coffee Tamper
– Fascino Filter Holder and bottomles portafilter


Abile is a 1.6l or 16 cup boiler capacity  allowing for ample water supply when frothing tasty cappuccino. Brewing profile guage gives you exact extraction pressure timing in addition to boiler pressure guage. Temperature reader on the group head lets you know the perfect moment to extract. Pack your favorate espresso into the bottomless portafilter using the precision weighted competition tamper and pull a shot that will present itself as synphonic as it will taste. The Abile shares the base of the Stradivari design but has a unique "Red Bottom" adding a sence of flair to art.  The ergonomic wooden handles provide a luxury "Hands on" experience that an experienced barista would appreciate. Abile is inovation, history and professionalism all wrapped up into one must have for the true coffee lover.

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