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Cleaning Tips for O.T.C "One Touch" Cappuccino coffee machines.

by Steven F

As the times change, advancements are made and technology is always evolving, this rings true with the espresso coffee machine. One touch cappuccino makers or OTC espresso machines are becoming more sought out because of their versatility. In addition to espresso, cafe lungo and Americano\'s, OTC machines can make milk based beverages such as Cappuccino and latte macchiato at the touch of one button. Although brewing these tasty hot beverages may come easy, there are still a few steps to properly cleaning and caring for your machine.

OTC machines consume more water in order to froth and produce steam to self-clean indicating that the machine would require a secondary "steam" boiler and should be descaled/decalcified more often than the machine would prompt you. We recommend decalcifying an average of every 3 months unless of course, prompted sooner by the Descaling indicator on your display. Powder or liquid descaler is suitable, (do not use vinegar or clr- may cause damage to pump and boiler) Using demineralized/distilled water or reverse-osmosis filtered water will reduce the amount of calcium build up within your system.

In addition to descaling, cleaning built up milk within the carafe, nozzle and/or hoses (depending on type of system) is equally important. It is good practice to clean the carafe spouts and nozzles after each use. Aside from clogging caused by milk build-up, not properly cleaning the milk dispensing system can create bacteria. Use cappuccino/milk circuit cleaner as recommended by manufactures and be sure to clean carafes on an ongoing basis using hot water and dish soap or dishwasher if recommended by manufacturer. Replace milk hose lines regularly and carafes periodically.

Tip: do not store milk in carafe for long periods regardless of being refrigerated it can still curdle within a short period of time.