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Saeco Granbaristo Avanti

THE PREMIUM COFFEE EXPERIENCE FOR THE CONNECTED WORLD Enjoy 16 coffee drinks simply prepared from your tablet Saeco presents a new world of connected coffee with GranBaristo Avanti: ach drink can be tailor made to your and your guests' taste and brewed via your tablet. And the maintenance is super easy with the step by step guidance via the App.     Create & brew your preferred coffee via your tablet Your perfect coffee, espresso or cappuccino is now at your fingertips. Choose from the 18 drink options and customize your coffee by personalizing strength, length, temperature, and taste. The intuitive setting

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Northwestkitchenware Celebrating 10 Years of "Dot-Com"

Northwest Kitchenware began in 1982 back in a time and era of Fax machines, Payphones and Newspaper ads. 35 years has brought on a significant amount of changes in the way people shop and how business is now conducted. Perhaps the greatest game changer. . . The Internet.  Northwest Kitchenware launched its website 10 years ago and in internet years 10 is a lifetime.  As Northwest Kitchenware has grown over the years, so has its "Dot Com".

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Cleaning Tips for O. T. C "One Touch" Cappuccino coffee machines. by Steven F As the times change, advancements are made and technology is always evolving, this rings true with the espresso coffee machine. One touch cappuccino makers or OTC espresso machines are becoming more sought out because of their versatility. In addition to espresso, cafe lungo and Americano\'s, OTC machines can make milk based beverages such as Cappuccino and latte macchiato at the touch of one button. Although brewing these tasty hot beverages may come easy, there are still a few steps to properly cleaning and caring

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If you are in the market for a new espresso machine this year you may want to take a look at the new Saeco Intelia Class by Philips coming to Canada this fall. While visiting the Host Show in Milan, Italy back in October 2011, we were able to get a sneak peak at the newly designed models and have to say we were very impressed. Similar to the Saeco Syntia series as far as compact and ease-of-use, however the Saeco Intelia Class is a more robust design. The Intelia class is outfitted with a larger bean hopper holding

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Kenwood comes to Canada! With the Canadian launch of Kenwood Cooking Appliances, we here at Northwest Kitchenware are excited about being a Kenwood Super Centre. To celebrate the launch, Kenwood will be performing live "In Store" demonstrations using their products, featuring the remarkable new innovation by Kenwood "The Cooking Chef" Visit our showroom for live cooking demonstrations on these fine Kenwood products. November 9-10 (12-5 pm) November 16-17 (12-5 pm) November 23-24 (12-5 pm) November 30 to December 1 (12-5 pm) December 7-8 (12-5 pm) Visit us on these dates to Taste the Kenwood Experience!.

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