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Automatic Espresso/Cappuccino Machines


  • Visual Inspection
  • Thorough Descaling/Decalcify process
  • Temperature optimization
  • Water-count- descal reset
  • Thorough cleaning of Brew-unit group
  • Lubrication of Brew unit and all moving parts
  • Thorough cleaning/ degreasing of bean hopper
  • Grinder adjustment
  • Coffee Dosage adjustment (if applicable)
  • Thorough cleaning of water tank
  • Thorough cleaning of coffee spout
  • General cleaning of steam wand
  • Check and clean grinder blades (if applicable)
  • Thorough testing of all functions and machine features

Comprehensive System Maintenance Package for Automatic Espresso Machines and One Touch Cappuccino 

* Note: Espresso machine Service Maintenance package and its price does not reflect the cost of any applicable repairs. All parts and labor charges apply and are not in conjunction to this promotion or other instore promotions.